Varathan Movie Analysis - Isn't Varathan the same old story?


Varathan Movie Analysis

Am I the only person who cringed when Priya tells Abin that if her father were alive that day, things would have been better? I mean, it's the 21st century and this movie did try to show some progressionist ideas. The husband making tea or his concept on love or even their dressing and style seem to deceive the audience into thinking that they are a modern liberal couple. But how modern and progressive is the movie actually? This film, as usual, propagates the unhealthy stereotype of needing to be aggressive and tough to be considered the complete man - the protector of women. What got me most irritated was the aspect that she wanted him to be accountable for her sexual safety. Summoning the ideals of manusmriti are we here?

 Varathan Movie Analysis

As the story further unravelled, I was yet again reminded of the old school narrative in all cinema where the rape or molestation of the beautiful heroine becomes the plot on which the hero tills, works on and finally reaps the viewers' admiration. Isn't Varathan the same old story shot in a seemingly modern stage. The uneasiness that women feel around creeps has been shown in a flawless way and it's great that this cinema highlighted the female facet of this social evil so accurately. But sadly, it all came down to be just setting the ground for the man of the movie to steal the watchers's praise. Here again the story seems to assert that women need to be dependent on the men in their family to be safe. And that the men need to 'man up'. Does this regressive portrayal help anybody? I don't think so.

Author - Grace Paul Vallooran


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  • Posted on by Arun

    Great Analysis. perspective 👏

  • Posted on by Ann Maria Davis
    I saw the movie but never thought of thinking about it. But this review does makes sense.
  • Posted on by Geethu
    A good reflection 👍👌
  • Posted on by Manu

    Great Observation and Writing!

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