📯Comrades, Try Laurie Nunn's Sex Education

"Last night I looked at some cheese and got an erection " Otis, Sex Education Season 2

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Before we decide to echo our sanskari ideals and give an I-don't-know-how-that-feels-like reaction, let us observe a minute of silence to the comrades who were busted by the elders during their despairing pursuit of sex therapy watching porn. The unlucky ones who paid for us all.

Some people's Eden might be above the clouds or beneath the earth or maybe just in Mesopotamia but mine is definitely in Laurie Nunn's Moordale High School. Is there a more inclusive, eventful and rewarding place to be at in 2021! Sharp yet light hearted, the astute frankness of its stories is eye-opening. I am filled with empathy towards our high school sages who after watching porn attained their unreachable wisdom of knowing what goes into what. Sex Education,the series, should replace the namesake sex education in our high school curricula for better.
One can imagine my misery watching the series from God's own country. It is tormenting to realize, after switching off the TV show, that I'll probably have sex only after tying the lifelong knot with a guy, upholding the sanctity of my body until then. Alas, my Uyarnna Chinthagathi and Moonjiya Jeevitham! We'll never be able to openly explore our sex and gender identities. And if one day I find out that I am Pan or Bi or Lesbian, I better hushhh...lest my kin is disgraced.

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I haven't watched Sex Education Season 3 yet. I better do it before the Cinematograph Amendment Bill corrupts it's soul.

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