Mayanadhi - Understanding an Emotion


Everyone has that one person in their lives. That one person who showed them why it would never be the same with anybody else. A love that might not be perfect but one that lasts beyond time itself. Valentine’s day having passed recently really got me thinking, When you find that one is an experience in itself isn’t it? Those moments, memories, conversations, likes, dislikes and everything in between. It’s just adapting, modifying and adjusting after that. Trying to recreate the things you once had. At one point you have to think.. Did you really fall in love with the person or with the moments?

When Mathan meets appu for the first time, you can see through appus anger that at one point of time he meant the world to her and that would never change. The same goes for mathan who does whatever he can to prove to appu that he comes from a place she can and should trust. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and they celebrate them.  

Mayanadhi was a success for a variety of reasons. From a film talking perspective and from a technical perspective, it stood out from other films of it’s class, but why mayanadi will really hold a special place in the hearts of many, including myself is because it helps you find the pain of loss and try to understand that you will have to let it go.


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